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A Legacy Of Artisanal, Vineyard-Designated Wines

When you think of extreme Sonoma Coast wines sourced from Doc’s Ranch Vineyard, think of intensive fruit flavor and a minerally earthiness, balanced by bright acidity.

These are wines that are naturally complex, highly aromatic, nuanced with multiple layers of flavor, and supported by lower alcohol levels. They make you stop and think about what you’re tasting. And they pair exceptionally well with food.

We are fortunate to work with several esteemed winemakers that craft vineyard-designated wines from Doc’s Ranch Vineyard.

They know how to coax the very best out of our fruit and turn it into a unique reflection of its origin. For us, it is all about our relationships with these winemakers. They impart a unique voice to our viticultural practices, and lend us their knowledge of how best to express our site’s unique traits in the fruit.

You can acquire these wines in select restaurants, or by joining their mailing lists and/or visiting their tasting rooms.

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